About us… Intelligent, engaging and focused on your needs – we hope you’ll agree! All professionals should have specialist knowledge, so where we like to set ourselves apart is through our business acumen and experience, meaning you’re in very safe hands. You can relax, as we deliver an auto enrolment solution. Simple, no fuss and cost effective.

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Ian Larthe de Langladure
“Many of my individual financial planning clients are also business owners. This adds another layer of objectives that need to be acknowledged and satisfied. For many clients their business is a key driver in their life and planning for their own and their business future is inevitable intertwined. Delivering quality service whilst saving a client's money is a core value at Aspire and I enjoy being able to help clients in both their personal and their corporate life”.



Steve Pine
“Maybe it’s my age but I believe business insurance is both under rated and under used - I have seen first hand the choas and loss caused by unexpected events, serious illness or death. Depending on your needs, having relevant life insurance, shareholder protection, partnership assurance, keyperson cover or term assurance to cover a business loan will, at the very least, provide peace of mind and, if the worst were to happen, could really save the day”.



Naomi Keith
“Every aspect of life is ever changing and running a business is no different. I often come across businesses where the pension and insurance policies have not been reviewed in some time. Even if no major changes are required, a review can give peace of mind. More often however there are savings to be had for the business whilst delivering a better package of benefits to the employees – win, win I hear you say! Give me a call for a free, no obligation chat.”



Sean Guirey
“I frequently work with individual clients in their capacity of a business owner, helping them to plan for the future, provide their employees with pensions and insure themselves and their key colleagues against the threats to business continuity. If this is something you have been thinking about and you are based in Sussex or the surrounding area, give me a call!”



Ken Hall
“We will not only deliver a solution that works, meets your needs and offers good value for employees, but we will also ensure you are fully covered from a due diligence point of view. Our reports document and support all considerations and decisions made in the evaluation process, giving you piece of mind for the future.”


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